Walking the Dock 5/17/2015

What’s Pristine this week 5/17/2015   OYSTER OF THE WEEK –  Wellfleet’s The Wellfleet’s are cultured in the pristine estuaries of Wellfleet Harbor, located in North East Cape Cod bay. These 3 ½” oysters result from the nutrient rich coastal waters that originate in the Canadian Maritime. These currents feed the bay with relatively cold…Read More

Introducing North Shore Seafood!

* Largest and most consistent supply  of fresh seafood. * Temperature-controlled processing plant maintains optimum environment for freshness.   *Temperature- controlled packaging. *Portion Control- all products cut to order. *Global sourcing and purchasing program. *Continuous sanitation inspection well above both HACCP and USDA government standards. *Daily monitoring of global changes, trends, new products and techniques.

Klear Guard: Your Cleaning Solution!

The Klear Guard Program provides EPA-approved chemical products for warewash, laundry services and maintenance supplies. Laundry- Ask about our complete program that includes detergents, sizing, sours, destainers, emulsifiers and rinses. Warewash- We have a variety of chemical products for any type of dish machine. Dishwashing machines are available for purchase or lease through our Klear…Read More