Walking the Dock 7/24/2017

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: WILEY POINT The Wiley’s are grown in the Great Salt Bay which forms the Damariscotta River, up down east from my family in Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. These pristine waters grow some famous names such as Glidden Points and Pemaquids to name a few. The savor is accented by the abundance…Read More

Walking the Dock 7/18/2017

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: SUMMERSIDE Grown in the famous Bedeque Bay on the south side (summerside) of Prince Edward Island Canada. These 3.5” oysters are bottom grown on the red marine clay and rocks amidst the swift currents of the Conway Narrows. This area has an elevated glycogen presence which is accented in their flavor.…Read More

Walking the Dock 6/26/2017

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: CONWAY ROYALS: The Conway’s are seeded along the western shores of Malpaque Bay, located on the North-Western shore of P.E.I. Canada. They grow naturally along the sea floor, taking in all the native nutrients, minerals and intrinsic flavors of their marine environment. After two years, they are tonged in true artisan…Read More

Walking the Dock 6/5/2017

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: CAPE CHARLES These oysters are grown on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the Chesapeake Bay. The seeds are scattered along the bay floor and allowed to grow naturally until they reach 1 ½ inches in length. They are transferred to bottom cages for the remainder of the grow out, taking…Read More

Walking the Dock 5/22/2017

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: BARNSTABLE These 3 ½” oysters are grown on the inside hook of Cape Cod in the Great Marshes. They are started in mesh bags along the clean sandy bottom. The multitude of creeks and the 8 to 10 foot flush tides create a nutrient rich growing environment. At the inlet, you’ll…Read More

Walking the Dock 4/3/2017

OYSTER OF THE WEEK:  SOUTH LAKE These oysters originate from the North East of Prince Edward Island Canada, just outside Eastern Kings, in MacVanes Pond, which is dubbed South Lake. The seed are scattered on the lake bed which consists of sand and eel grass which grows very robust in the brackish water. Three years…Read More

Walking the Dock 3/6/2017

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: STANDISH SHORE These oysters are farm raised by the Ben Lloyd family in Duxbury Massachusetts. Here, the cool currents from the Gulf of Maine venture south, providing just the right amount of nutrients to make a simply delicious 2 ¾” oyster. A University of Rhode Island grad that got his start…Read More