Walking the Dock 11/27/2017



The oysters are grown on the inside of Cape Cod Bay, east of Dennis Massachusetts, along the sheltered side of Quivet Shores. The trays are attached to sunken poles allowing them to rise and fall with the tides. For two years, the oysters thrive on the nutrient rich currents that bring them food twice daily. They are tumbled regularly to give the Quivets very deep cups and are easily shucked. At our tasting, the 3” shells gave us translucent meats that glistened brightly for great eye appeal, followed by that Cape Cod strong crisp brine, the first sensation you feel. At first bite, a supple, quintessential blend of sweetness that finishes perfect. I was impressed. If salt is not your friend, simply pour some of the liquor out and the unique sweetness will tantalize your taste buds. Let’s pair these gems with a classic Chardonnay from Old Mill Winery (Geneva, OH) this complex white with just a hint of oak is a wonderful compliment or a Pint of “Belgian Dubbel” Empire Brewing (Syracuse, NY) a dark ruby color with a full malt, toffee, fig and plums that leads to a subtle tart finish, refreshing!




The best kept secret of the top chefs in eight states. These premium salmon filets, because of their very mild and cucumber/melon like flavor, have become the most requested salmon filet in every market segment from elegant to family casual. The attributes of peak freshness, high yielding super D-Trim, along with all the environmental and sustainable benefits clearly outshine anything available in the salmon market and all at a value price. This small island on the western coast of Norway, with Fjords that look like a magazine cover, only produce a small amount of salmon each year and we feel honored to be able to represent them here in the United States. If you have not tried these filets, treat yourself and your customers to some Aukra and watch your salmon sales increase along with your repeat business!



This fishery has been the star of all fishery management programs since its inception in 2002. The biomass has increased and is showing even greater growth this year. As such, with the increased quotas, the market remains a value and more approachable to a wider variety of menus. This week we have F/V Fearless and F/V Beth Anne fishing the “Northeast Peak” on the Eastern edge of Georges Bank. The scallops are firm with that opaque coloring that screams of scallop sweetness. As an appetizer, ingredient or entrée these epicurean pearls are sure to delight your guests!

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