Feature Sheet Menu Ideas 11/6/2017


Stuffed Mushroom

*90642-Special Select Mushrooms- stem removed

*7198- 1# Mahi chunks – fine chop

*90215-Lemon Zest and juice of one lemon

11415- Light Chili Powder – 1tbsp

90575- Garlic Cloves – 1 clove

*90941- .5oz arcadia/Tuscan mix

29915-Blended Oil

Pre- bake mushrooms for 10 minutes, let cool. While cooling chop mahi with chili powder, garlic, and lemon juice and zest. Mix with oil and stuff into cooled mushrooms, finish in oven with white wine and serve with a small undressed salad as garnish.



Salmon “Marsala”

*9632-6oz salmon

*90215-1 lemon, juice and zest

90641- 1oz medium mushrooms

90470- 4 pieces- medium asparagus, diced

11676- 1 tsp- Dill weed

*32811- 1 cup prepared – wild rice

44410 – Cornstarch water slurry

1/2cup vodka

Get your Sautee pan searing hot with oil and butter, add salmon service side down then add in asparagus and mushrooms. Flip salmon and add vodka, add dill, reduce, and remove salmon from the pan when done. Center plate the prepared rice, lay salmon over rice. Add corn starch water mixture to reduced sauce to thicken and pour over salmon and rice.



Mussels Diablo

*7021- 1/2# mussels

*19780 – 8oz Pasta Sauce

12060 – 1tbsp crushed red pepper

90677- 1/4cup diced Spanish onion

90726- 1 diced jalapeno seeds included

*32810- 1cup prepared wild rice

1 cup- white wine

In a Sauté pan add oil, onions, jalapeno, and mussels, sauté until mussels begin to open, add white wine and reduce by half. Add crushed red pepper and tomato sauce and cover on medium heat until mussels are heated through. Center plate rice in a pasta bowl and pour mussels and sauce over rice, garnish with scallions and a pinch of parmesan cheese.



Stuffed Cabbage

*5230 – Cabbage Roll – One Roll, thawed

*19780 – Cal Red Pasta Sauce – 4oz

34755 – Country Egg Noodles – 6oz

90645 – thin sliced mushrooms – 2oz

302 – Shredded Parmesan cheese – 2oz

1/8cup red wine

Thaw cabbage rolls and prepare country egg noodles per directions. In a small sauté pan add oil, and sauté mushrooms with red wine until tender. Add pasta sauce and the cabbage roll. Spoon hot sauce over roll and place into hot oven until heated though. Reheat noodles in preferred method and toss with oil, salt, pepper, and half of the parmesan cheese. Plate in pasta bowl and top with hot cabbage roll and sauce, finish with remaining parmesan cheese.



Seared Ribeye with Compound Butter

*98798 – One 10oz ribeye

*90168 – Red Raspberries 1/2pint

*90487 – Tenderbite Beans (Runner Beans)

450 – 1# unsalted butter, room temperature

*32811 – 1cup prepared wild rice

*64036 – Butane cooking torch

*64037 – Torch Butane

90218 – One Lemon, Juice and zest

For the Butter, place 1/2pint of raspberries into small sauce pan and heat on low with 1/4cup of water until incorporated, strain out seeds and let cool. Place butter into mixing bowl on low, add in cooled raspberry sauce slowly, add lemon juice and zest, salt and pepper to taste. Fold out onto parchment paper and wrap into plastic wrap, place in cooler until needed.

For the steak, leave to rest at room temperature, salt, and pepper generously. Utilize your favorite cooking method, and cook to desired wellness. Saute beans with butter, salt, and pepper. Center plate prepared wild rice and layer the seared ribeye. Top with a slice of raspberry lemon compound butter and use torch to melt.

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