Walking the Dock 10/24/2017



This week’s selection comes to us from just outside of West Falmouth, Massachusetts. The farm is located on the inside of Little Island, out by Pulpit Rock, where the current gives a rich nutrient flush twice daily. The shells are an emerald green and white alabaster mix with a beautiful tear drop shape, great visual for your oyster bar display. The suspended rack and bag grow out helps to develop a hard shell and as such, are an easy shuck. At our tasting these 3 ½ to 3 ¾” extra select oysters visually boasted her deep cups, filled to the rim with voluptuous meats… very impressive. The slurp started with a moderate brine that quickly disappeared at first bite. The meats were full, had good substance, firm texture and transformed into a sublime mushroom creaminess, crimini to be exact. The finish was a lingering sweetness reminiscent of oyster stew. Let’s pair the Buzz with a Lambrusco “Bianco Amabile” by Gervasi Vineyards (Canton, OH) A brilliant semi-sweet white, sparkling with tones of green apple and a hint of honey …simply perfection!! … or an “Uncle Jackson’s Blonde Ale” The Brewerie at Union Station (Erie, PA) a clean refreshing blonde with a full body, a slightly sweet malt with a touch of hops… light and sexy!



Harvested from Dayboats, packed in 10 lb. trays and ready to use… if you have not tried them … it’s the true wild shrimp flavor that cannot be duplicated.



When the autumn leaves turn colors and the ocean temperatures cool, scallops start to produce more glycogen, making them the sweetest of any time of the year. The boats are working hard bottom this week up in the Northern Edge at 33 and 34 fathoms close to the Winter Fishing Grounds. We have F/V Beth Ann early week and F/V Fearless landing late week. The amount of quota and quality fishing days will diminish from this point into the holidays, so take advantage of the falls finest before the market moves higher.



I love the fall season for so many reasons and all seafood seems to peak during this time. The tuna are moving, chasing the herring (which are full of fat) and putting on serious winter weight… plump and ripe for the picking. The largest fish have moved north into Canadian waters and the loins are marbled with a nice fat cap. We will be taking catch from F/V Liberty and F/V Furious this week. Our expert cutters will cut the loins leaving a crisp edge on the top, remove the skin and the blood line for you, leaving nothing but a gorgeous deep to rose red loin loaded with fat. We grade every fish at the dock and re-grade at our plant, then carefully hand select the best of the best, so you know your loin is like no other… simply the best!!! Catering to connoisseurs of firm texture, creamy fat and the ultimate flavor experience!!

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