Walking the Dock 10/17/2017



Here is another gem from the famous Wellfleet region of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. These gems are reared in suspended cages on the shores of its namesake island in the sheltered Loagy Bay. Each spring, as the native oysters spawn, their spat(seed) is collected and developed on trays before being transferred to the bay. The bottom make-up of soft mire and flowing brown kelp, help them develop a unique flavor profile. At our tasting, the 3 to 3 ½” Lieutenants started with the classic Cape Cod brine, upfront and tart, the meats were mild yet crisp and the finish became lemony sweet with salty overtones. Each slurp brings up memories of summers on the Cape. Let’s pair these with a “2014 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay” Vizcarra Vineyards (Gasport, NY) This dry complex white, como muy linda Colombiana style, boasts of light cream, vanilla and citrus, hmmm… just a sexy wine or a “Cluster Fuggle IPA” Market Garden Brewing (Cleveland, OH) an India pale ale, more malt and well… more of everything!!center cut loins available. They never knew what hit them but your guests will when they bite into a mouthwatering steak.



This week we have our premier salmon filets that are raised off the small island of Aukra, in the North-Western region of Norway. Aukra is a small seaside community steeped in the century old tradition of living as one with the sea.  These Super D-Trim filets will yield 91% to skinless boneless portions. This superior cut not only trims the liner of the nape (belly of the filet) off, which all other salmon companies offer, we take 75% of the nape off to make your in-house portioning and plate presentations consistent and profitable. Our Aukra Fresh premium salmon has all the sustainable attributes you search for in your signature salmon with a very mild, very clean, cucumber freshness, that is unparalleled. There is honesty and integrity in every bite!



The fall tuna blitz on Hudson’s Canyon is in full swing. There are some butterfish schools hitting the color sounder with sizable red spikes and the yellow fins are dining with exuberance. This week we have F/V Sara Beth, F/V Karen Linda and F/V Sandy Dory working throughout the week. We will be landing the fish in Moriches Inlet. Most fish will be between 60 and 100 lbs. yielding nice 10 to 15 lb. loins. Our expert cutters will carve the bloodline out and skin/off for a 100% yield in your kitchen. The grade is a solid red flesh color, fresh and firm meat, perfect seared in sesame oil or one of your signature creations.

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