Walking the Dock 10/9/2017



The word Umami which has Asian origins, depicts one of the five basic senses of taste (sweet, sour, bitter, salty) and Umami the fifth, stimulating a feeling of smoothness, pleasant, savory and delicious. These 2 ½” to 3” pearls are cultured in the east passage leading into the shellfish rich Narragansett Bay. The Umami’s are grown in long line suspension trays in depths of 50ft where they feed on a rich abundance of plankton. The rocky bottom along with the abundance of Winged Kelp and Buttonweed combine to make Umami Oysters intensely savory and sweet with a creamy texture and pleasant saltiness. They are full of spirit and finesse. Let’s pair these with an Arrowhead Spring Vineyards (Niagara, NY) “2012 Riesling” The wines nose is rich in kiwi with mango overtones or a “Smoking Ember Rauchbier” Lost Borough Co. (Rochester, NY) a medium bodied German Lager that kindles malty sweetness and ignites a campfire smoky flavor that adds a bite to the smooth Umami.




This week we have some of the first fish of the Brazilian long-line season. In the southern hemisphere, the spring is starting and the Mahi are coming in close. The boats are working in the South-East region of Santa Catarina hailing out of the port Sao Francisco de sol. In the pre-dawn hours small 40 to 50-foot-long liners steam out and head East just over 30 miles. The continental shelf is narrow here and there is a confluence of three different currents the Northern and Southern Brazil currents and the Malvinas current. The resulting upwellings stack the bait fish up this time of year and the mahi are hot heavy. The boats are landing daily and we have them on the Red Eye headed to JFK in just over a day. It’s a great time to feature some hot Brazilian mahi on your blackboard!!



The Southern run in South east British Columbia is usually the last run of the season. We have secured the catch from some of our long-time fishing partners in Health Bay for some beautiful seine fish. This week we will have F/V Attu, F/V Pacific Belle and F/V Maren E landing throughout the week. The boats are still 20 miles outside the mouth of Vancouver bay so the flesh has good fat and bright color. This could be the last of the best wild salmon of the year, grab this opportunity to feature Wild Sustainable Coho’s!

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