Walking the Dock 7/31/2017



These gems are raised in the cold crisp waters of New London Bay, PEI Canada. They are the most northern variety grown here on the east coast. They are raised by the same farm that rears some of the finest examples of local gastronomy, the Raspberry Points. The Pinks entire grow out takes place in top water suspension trays with multiple tumbles to achieve deep cups and full meats. At our tasting, the 2 ¾” oysters start with a clean ocean brine followed by their revered sweet creamy meats. The finish was a nice blend of salt and minerals and the nose was like sitting on the beach with a thundering surf. Let’s pair the Moons with a glass of “Josephine” Laurello Vineyards (Geneva, OH). A luscious aroma of key lime, flavors of crushed red apples, this Viognier/Chardonnay blend has a persistent finish with a snap! or a “Dead Reckoning Porter” by Troegs Brewing (Hershey, PA). A hoppy porter that originates in chocolate and roasted malts, then follows through with a sharp earthy bitterness.



This week our buyers look to the southern coastline off Mira Flores in the temperate waters of Peru. Here the family fishermen leave the beach each morning to see what the ocean will provide. The view is pretty amazing as the high cascading cliffs drop down into the Pacific Ocean. Two miles off the beach rocks protrude to the surface from the underwater seamounts. Here the boats set their Simbras (long-lines) using anchovies for bait at varying depths to about 30 fathoms. The Golden Corvina is prized in Peru for their famous ceviche because of the mild flavor and firm flesh. The filets we have are 2 to 3 lbs. each and are super trimmed. Corvina is a very versatile filet and is used in any recipe from broiling to paella. This is a great way to put some variety on your summer blackboard.



The crab market continues to search for a top. Demand has been extremely strong here in the U.S. Market, which is driving prices upward. We have a container arriving this week and more to back that up, so our supply will be steady and consistent until the Christmas season. I expect the price to soften after New Year’s. Prices should show a retracement back to the Mid-May level. The January to March period will determine where pricing will go for 2018.  Careful as many suppliers are changing their product specifications to give the illusion of value.



The Aukra are raised in deep ocean pens nestled in the Arctic Currents of the Norwegian sea, where Atlantic Salmon live naturally. All fish come from one farm located on the western most Island of Gossa. There in the Village of Aukra, the towns people all work either on the ocean, tending the salmon in the net pens or in the processing plant. Living at one with the sea has been passed down through many generations. The salmon are given the utmost care from the eggs hatched in their onsite hatchery and straight through to harvest. One of the most unique attributes of this fish comes from having the processing plant on site which allows for a totally stress-free harvest. The fish are rested overnight before their entrance into an ice slurry bath located inside the plant, where they expire from hypothermia. In this relaxed state, salmon will not release amino acids into their flesh in contrast to when they are stressed. Amino acids caused by stress will change the flavor of the filet to a more dominant or strong flavor versus the cucumber freshness that only the Aukra Fresh Filets offer. Experience The Arctic with this week’s feature.

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