Walking the Dock 7/24/2017



The Wiley’s are grown in the Great Salt Bay which forms the Damariscotta River, up down east from my family in Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. These pristine waters grow some famous names such as Glidden Points and Pemaquids to name a few. The savor is accented by the abundance of eel grass beds, so extensive that they form underwater meadows, passing along their sweet tang to all the filter feeders with each new tide. The Points are exceptionally clean, both inside and out, consistent in size and shape, and are easily shucked. The shells have a defined cup from limited tumbling and the meats are full yet light in texture. At our tasting, the Wiley’s start with a deep salty blast then yield to an engaging sweet and sour flavor. Let’s pair these 3” gems with a bottle of “Niagara 2014” from Paper Moon Vineyards (Vermillion, OH) this sweet and extremely aromatic white, made from 5th generation Lake Erie Appellation Grapes, will make your tasting like an exotic potpourri of flavors on your tongue or a “Bourbon Barrel Dire Wolf” …Wolf’s Ridge Brewing (Columbus, OH) put a committee together and head to the Tap Room to investigate this Russian Imperial Stout. The nose is bourbon, chocolate, a touch of sweetness and roasted malts. The bourbon savor is perfectly integrated into this award-winning stout. I was thoroughly impressed with the brew master’s knowledge and attention to detail.



This week we have some gorgeous scallops coming out of New Bedford Massachusetts. The boats are working closed area #2 which has limited access with an 18,000lb. vessel quota. The boats this week are the F/V Fear No Evil and the F/V Helena M., the closed area is about 100 miles east of Cape Cod between “Georges Shoals” and the “Winter Fishing Grounds”. There is a channel and shelves that run from 8 to 26 fathoms. Here the rip tide keeps the scallops swimming all the time, so the meats are firm and exceptionally sweet. Because the area has just opened, the big boys are on the top of the bed and the bulk of the catch, for now, are u/10s. Take advantage of a super deal on some of this year’s finest scallops. Perfect summer fare!!



As you watch the thrilling excitement on TV, North Shore thought ahead and reserved some prime Cape Hatteras Mako when the shark boats were at peak harvest in May. Every spring as the Gulf stream starts to move inland from off shore the sharks will follow the leading edge in relatively good numbers. The long liners will target these predators during this time along with the first mahi. LB bought in this May so we would have product for this now media event. The loins have a nice pink color and trimmed the way only North Shore can. Mako is a very mild yet hearty loin that is great grilled as a standalone or marinated. Become the predator!!


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