Walking the Dock 4/3/2017



These oysters originate from the North East of Prince Edward Island Canada, just outside Eastern Kings, in MacVanes Pond, which is dubbed South Lake. The seed are scattered on the lake bed which consists of sand and eel grass which grows very robust in the brackish water. Three years later they are hand tonged when they reach 3” in length. The South Lakes are an unparalleled oyster with a stunning tear drop shape and the jade colored shells let you know they are different, right away. They have a delightfully crunchy texture and their sweet meat really gives them a signature flavor. The South Lakes start with a medium brine then finish with a mouth filling, potpourri of minerality and lemon zest. Let’s pair these gems with a “2013 Reserve Chardonnay” by Evening Vineyards (Cambia, NY). The handpicked grapes, gentle pressing and light presence of oak does not overshadow the delicious apple and citrus notes that respond well with these sweet oysters or a “Trails End Pale Ale” by Rusty Rail Brewing Company (Mifflinburg, PA). The Ale is hopped five times with Citra hops, delivers a robust fruity aroma that truly compliments the zest of the South lakes. Enjoy!! See you at the raw bar…



The paste is made from reducing the water used to cook vats of live crabs. After the final cook down, the flavor is a condensed strong sweet buttery sauce. What a great idea for a sauce or bisque. 1 X 8.8oz bag




Our buyers are bringing in some southern fish for the next two weeks because of the crescent moon. We have some docks landing fish off Salinas Ecuador on the Pacific and south of Santos Brazil on the east coast. The fleets that work the South American waters are made up of smaller 30 to 50 ft. vessels run by families and their relatives. The Santos boats work due east on the fringes of the Archipel marine sanctuary. A perfect ambush as the predator’s cruise through looking for dinner. Off the port of Salinas, to the south, just above Talara Peru, the land juts out to a point. The bottom contour extends from the point offshore and creates a rocky funnel. When the fish swim over the shoal, the long lines or simbra are awaiting. The fish are markers (100lb.) or heavy pups (>100lbs.) cut into 100% chef ready product. A beautiful barrel cut with the blood line trimmed hard and ready for your portion size cut. Order some Artisanal Sword steaks, it’s what’s for dinner.



Our cured salmon line continues to show an appreciation for the art of smoking by using artisanal traditions dating back centuries. The finest, fresh Atlantic Salmon is slowly smoked over smoldering oak shavings from aged whiskey barrels! The result is an amazing, sweet flavor in the tradition of a Scottish Highland cure. Each hand-trimmed fillet weighs approximately 3 lbs. pre-sliced and skin off. When you want, flavor think North Shore!!

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