Valentines Day 2017 Oyster Specials

Oyster French Kiss


The Cupid’s are grown in the famous Damariscotta River, up down east from Booth Bay Maine. The floating cages are tumbled giving them deep cups and a hard-sturdy shell, making shucking much easier. Heading down old farm road, towards Dodge Cove, the land comes to a point like an arrow. The Cupid’s are grown just offshore from the peninsula. This has been Maines version of lover’s lane for generations, thus Cupid’s Arrow. At our tasting the deep cups yielded firm and hearty meats the stout brine was refreshing and screamed Maine, a very intriguing introduction quickly ceded to a mild sweetness and tannic finish. Like Cupid’s Arrow these oysters go right for your heart, it’s love at first bite. Let’s pair these gems with a “Midway Blush” Conneaut Cellars (Conneaut, PA) artfully pink, she flirts with a tart bite to start and finishes spicy sweet or a “Two Hearted Ale” Lock 27 Brewing (Dayton, OH) a smooth IPA that pours bright, unites oranges and grapefruit, but it’s the resinous piney hops that create the glue to marry these flavors together.



These oysters are born in Neguac, New Brunswick Canada along the famous Acadian Peninsula that also produces the Beau Soliels. The oysters are allowed to mature for two more years, further developing a robust savor. The juveniles are placed in hard poly cages and submerged in the protected northern tidal reaches of Miramichi Bay. The ebb and flow of the tides naturally roll and tumble the cages giving the 3 ½” oysters deep cups, wonderfully smooth manicured shells and are perfectly paisley shaped. The Kisses are hand placed, cup down, 60 ct. per rustic wooden box. At our tasting, these gems proved to be much like their name and were meant to please. They start with a profound salinity on your tongue, the meats are full and seem to explode in your mouth with that “Yes, this is an oyster” flavor, that ends with a lingering sweet finish. You will always remember your first French Kiss! Let’s pair these pearls with a “Bregeon Muscadet 2011” (France). Aged in subterranean glass lined cuves for up to 7 years, the unexpected freshness and depth, resulting from the aging process, is simply refreshing or an “Imperial Red Ale” Lagunita Brewing (Chicago) a stout beer with a big head, muscular malty thorax and a silky texture that seals the Kiss, very sensually!



These pearls are raised on the North Shore of Long Island New York inside Oak Neck Point.  The seeds are strewn along the rocky bottom, where they grow in unison with all that mother nature has to offer. The Ladies are harvested with love when they reach 3” in length. Each oyster is cleaned and sized by hand with the TLC only a loving mother can give. The Pink Ribbon shells are perfect, no cracks or breaks with a perfect tear drop shape. Each oyster has a pink band around the shell and reusable Pink Ribbons come in each box for your plate presentation. Every dozen oysters helps fund the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, 25% of net revenue is donated when you enjoy these gems at your local eatery. At our tasting, the deep cups yielded a firm and plump meat that was sweet in an oyster sort of way, with a medium brine that seemed to cuddle your taste buds. Let’s pair the Pinks with a “2013 Blush” R Winery (Pittsburgh, PA) a sweet white with a hint of Pinot Noir, the subtle pink color makes it a perfect match or a pint of “Bunny Pajamas” ale Platform Brewery (Cleveland, OH) sour wheat, cranberry and pomegranate gives a wonderfully sweet tart flavor with a golden pink color.



Grown in the East Passage, leading into the famous shellfish laden waters of Narragansett Bay Rhode Island, these 3 ½” deep cup oysters are held in suspended cages from 20 to 40 feet below the ocean’s surface. The oyster earned its name by always displaying the size and shape characteristic of a Beaver Tail. Because of the positioning of the cages in the East Passage, these oysters absorb the true taste of the open ocean as it pushes its way up into glacially cut passages in the Bay. At our tasting, the meats were hearty, the deep cups were filled with liquor offering a robust shot of salinity that blended well with the subtle oyster flavor and tinges of minerality.  Let’s pair the Beavers with “White Love” Ontario Brewing Co. (Ontario, NY) a Vidal Blanc and Riesling, united as one, make this a refreshing semi-dry blend with hints of citrus or a “Oscura Obscura” Lineage Brewing (Columbus, OH) your favorite English Blonde, a bit toastier with cocoa nibs … deliciously confusing.

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