Walking the Dock 2/6/2017



These fish are highly regulated to maintain a good biomass, resulting in a population that far exceeds the necessary amount to reproduce and grow the fishery, as a result, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium rates this fishery as Best Choice along with the MSC’s (Marine Stewardship Council) highest rating. Seabass are found primarily on easterly banks along the continental shelf edge and usually around outlying islands in the region. The depths where they are harvested are amazing from a gear perspective, found between 1,000 to 11,500 feet. The fish feed mostly on squid, crabs and prawns which accounts for the characteristic rich, fatty and sweet flavor profile. Seabass can reach the age of 50 years and grow to 250 pounds in weight. The interesting fact is there is relatively little bycatch at these depths, consisting only of skate and most are released alive. This week’s fish are coming from the Heard and McDonald Islands Fishery between Southern Australia and the Antarctica. We have contracted with Austral Fisheries LTD and their Fishing Vessel(FV) Austral Leader II. The Captain, Craig (The Wiz) Rowsell a seasoned veteran in the Southern Atlantic. The fish are between 60 to 100 pounds and are simply stunning, giving beautiful white filets just oozing some delicious fat steeped in flavor. To see exactly how the fish are harvested go to YouTube, search Austral Leader II the Heard Island video of the “Wiz” working his magic in some rough Arctic seas.



This week our buyers are in New Bedford to take out some big, hard bottom, Georges U-10s. We have Fishing Vessel Cove along with F/V Explorer. The boats are working the North-East Channel and Georges Shoals along the Franklin Basin. This rocky area produces some of the biggest and fattest scallops this side of The Hague line. The fleet has just started fishing on a new bed. The new grounds will produce the biggest scallops first and as they continue to work an area, the size is reduced.  As filter feeders, scallops take in the ocean water and ingest the nutrients for survival. The shoals are a mix of sand and rocks so the scallops will be more white than opaque or colored. The females will have a tinge of color like the flesh of a mango. The sweetness of these scallops is accentuated because of the water flow. With such a subtle honey flavor, these u/10’s are a true epicurean delight and are perfect for your special valentine!



Our blue crabs come from the tropical waters of the South Pacific, clean, clear and pristine. Only live crabs are steamed and each one is individually inspected on site by our own inspector, no one else can offer that, as well as the lowest shell count in the industry… Guaranteed. When you use the best ingredients – you create the best entrees – offer your guests only the best!



The salmon are raised off the small island of Aukra in the North-Western region of Norway. Aukra is a small seaside community steeped in the century old tradition of living as one with the sea. The net pens rearing the salmon are moored in the Julsundet Strait, where the Arctic currents with massive sea water exchanges, keep growing conditions at pristine levels. The Aukra farms were the first ever European BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Certified Aquaculture grow out operation. The icy Arctic currents cause the salmon to store a higher percentage of fat as a buffer. The Aukra salmon filets have a high fat content and are rich in omega three fatty acids. The age old saying “we are what we eat” is the differentiating factor in why Aukra salmon has such a mild and fruity flavor. The proteins in the feed come from the discards of cod and haddock filet operations in Iceland and Norway, rather than the traditional anchovy meal. When you cut a thin slice, and place it on your tongue, your palate tastes a cucumber to watermelon savor. Along with the very mild flavor profile, the unparalleled D-trim on the filets has no equal in the industry. The nose of the filet is squared, the nape(belly) is trimmed hard and the tail is squared giving you the chef a 94% yield to your hand cut portions. The industry average is 84% yield on a c-trim, no need to create menu items around trim and by-products.  The only salmon that comes to you in a 100% biodegradable box that will not fill up your dumpster. Clearly the premium salmon that all others try unsuccessfully to mimic. Your guests deserve the best!



We are featuring snapper from the Timur Sea which is located between the southernmost Island of Indonesia and The Northern Australian Coast. The scarlet or crimson snapper are actively managed in a Fishery Improvement Program (FIP) to maintain sustainability. The fish are kept meticulously stored and chilled to insure the highest quality. On shore, they are cleaned immediately and frozen in a nitrogen tunnel to lock in that freshness. We filet them stateside. The filets are 12-16 oz. with the skin on. The meat is white and flaky with a very mild flavor profile. A great menu item for grilling, sautéing or baking. Always a Valentine’s Day favorite, make sure you have  snapper on your Black Board this week!

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