Walking the Dock 1/30/2017



These gems are born on the south side of Cape Cod, outside of Yarmouth Massachusetts, in the Great Marsh. The Marapin Creek flows in right at Blish Point to give a sweet water influence to the rack and bag grow out cages. Beds of bull kelp line the rocks and shore at the point, adding to the flavor profile of this 2 ¾ inch semi-fluted shell oyster. At our tasting, I was reminded of Bliss Point, which is the amount of an ingredient (salt here) which optimizes palatability. The Blish opened very easily with a twist. The Points start with a crisp salt blast, the meats are full and plump, the finish is a medley of a minerals, kelp and oyster … very very clean. Let’s pair them with a “Pinot Gris” Cooper’s Hawk Winery (Cincinnati, OH) a light bodied white with refreshing acidity, bouquets of peach, oranges and lemons, just perfectly dry or a Millcreek Brewing Co. (Erie, PA) “The Creeker” a very smooth and drinkable amber ale, a light malt without the hoppy bitterness …


VALENTINE’S DAY is coming and there is no better time to start talking to your representative about menu options and ideas. North Shore will have an extensive Oyster selection as well as a great variety of seafood options. Pre-orders are recommended, so lock in your features early and make this your best V-day ever!!



This week we will be receiving scallops from the hails of F/V Freedom and F/V Pacer both sailing from the port of New Bedford Massachusetts. The boats are working the Northern Edge along The Hague Line (200-mile limit) between the 58 to 71 fathom contour, just east of the seamounts. These grounds can get sloppy quick, all it takes is a south wind and a pleasant 3 foot swell turns into a 15-foot chop. Here, the hard bottom nomads unafraid to rip through some rock in search of the elusive scallop are digging in and harvesting some of the nicest scallops I’ve seen this winter. The catch is yielding predominantly the U/10 size and so we feature them this week. The meats are firm, with good muscle striations, the tone is white on the edges and opaque in the center. Scallops from the famed Northern grounds tend to have a distinct sweet savor and always that special scallop aroma. Very versatile as an appetizer or entree and as one of the oceans special gifts, the less we do the more its natural flavor shines through.




A bottom cultured mussel raised off the coast in Chatham Massachusetts. The mussels are 2 ½ to 3 inches, sizing between a “Big One” and a PEI. They are purged in a controlled sea water system and debearded. The White Waters are sweet with a delicate mussel flavor perfect for those appetizers or entrees where you want to have some meat beneath the shell…. big but not too big…just right!

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