Walking the Dock 1/23/2017



Which means the meeting of the waters, in local Micmac dialect, are wild harvested oysters from the charming little fishing village with same name. Hand tonged where the French & Waugh rivers meet in Nova Scotia Canada. These choice ivory colored shells are elongated like a shoe horn and average 4” in length. Though the cup is not as pronounced as a tumbled oyster, the elongated shell acts as a champagne flute and adds to the experience. The Gouche’s started by offering a mild brine, the meats were tender yet firm and the sweet nutty flavor dominated both during and after the oyster disappeared. Let’s pair these flutes with a “Grand Belo” Debonne Vineyards (Madison, OH) a blend of Seyval and barrel fermented Vidal with aromas of peach and butter, a balance of sweetness and acidity or a “Roadie IPA” Hitchhiker Brewing Co. (Pittsburgh, PA) crisp and dry, the blend of malts for depth and body, all balanced by a pleasant hoppy finish.



The North Shore brand is the industry leader, having the lowest shell count and the highest consistency in sizing and flavor. The select count is from 130-150 per pound but our QC inspectors without fail put 135 count in our cans. Taste the North Shore difference, clean firm meats cooked from only live crabs!!



Our buyers this week are bringing in some gorgeous fish from their winter grounds off the coast of Maryland. The fisherman steam out in their 38 foot Duffy’s (the Virginia version of the Novie 42 hull used in Maine and Canada) with a forward wheelhouse, open deck layout, perfect for working a rod and reel. At dawn, the boats are anchored in the rock piles So ’East of Cape Henry in the Chesapeake, between the 23 and 53 fathom contours. They chum the waters with clam bellies to entice the rock bass off the bottom. Stripers have amazing eyesight, it takes the bass over an hour after dawn before their eyes adjust to the light conditions and they can forage and feed again. Winter bass is prime meat. The flesh is firm, the meat is translucent and if you like sushi you can slice paper thin with a dense fat. Take advantage as these winter quota openings which open and close, fast and furious.


 The boats are working So ‘West of Block Island in the deep hole, where colder temperatures bring the monks in close. On the western edge of the hole scallopers work the rock piles, the eastern edge the otter trawls. Monkfish love scallops so where you find one you will find the other. No wonder the meat is so delicious. We will be cutting these dayboat fish all week. The filets are firm and when cooked look like a lobster tail. The filets are versatile and with the right sauce fit very well into the comfort food category.

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