Walking the Dock 1/16/2017



A longtime favorite, bottom cultured in the Great South Bay, the Long Island Sound, and stretching up along the Southern Connecticut shoreline. In the early 1800’s a French explorer dropped anchor in a small cove on the North Shore which became known as Oyster Bay Long Island. The bay, loaded with Blue Points, was the summer home of Teddy Roosevelt and today Billy Joel, both oyster lovers. The Blue Point oysters are the result of the original seed stock being scattered throughout the sound and up the coast to Stanford. The tear drop shaped oysters are bottom cultured amongst the Devil’s Whip kelp which is the dominant flora in the area. At our tasting, these 3 ½” beauties started with a tart brine before the pungent sweetness (derived from the Devil’s Whip) combined with a slight minerality for a pleasant experience. Let’s pair these with an “Anthony Nappa 2013 Giallo Semillon” (North Fork, LI) bold, unconventional, a late harvest wine with a luminous core of fresh fruit or an “Idaho 7 Belgian Pale Ale” Swift Water Brewing (Rochester, NY) a snap of black pepper with a grapefruit body and a touch of clove to wrap it together.



NORTH SHORE RINGS & TENTACLES FRESH CALAMARI: It’s winter time, the boats are off shore fishing the edge of Hudson’s Canyon and that means some of the best Calamari of the year. The flesh is real firm, the taste is unbelievably clean and if you love calamari, this is your catch of the week. We are getting hails from several of our best boats, F/V Ponto’s, F/V Gabby, F/V Rionda S and F/V Caitlyn Mairead. The boys are on the meat and after two days are topped off and headed home. There is nothing compared to winter time squid as the walls are thicker yet very tender and sweet. Perfect for your black board this week!!



Nourished by the plankton rich waters of Samanco Bay, Peruvian Calico Scallops develop a clean, unparalleled taste. Our farm uses the Japanese Lantern method. The lantern shaped cages suspend from the surface where the nutrient flow is greatest. The cages have zero impact on the sea floor. These 60-80 ct. petite gems pack a flavor explosion far beyond their size. They are ideally suited for sushi and ceviche presentations that highlight their natural sweetness or perfect as an ingredient in Paella or Soupa De Mar. How about a scallop slider, a double bonus of flavor and margin. This week priced at a great value, made to be featured.  Enjoy!!

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