Walking the Dock 5/23/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: CONWAY ROYAL The Conway’s are seeded along the western shores of the Malpaque Bay, located on the North Western shore of P.E.I. Canada. They grow naturally along the sea floor, taking in all the native nutrients, minerals and intrinsic flavors of their marine environment. After two years, they are tonged in…Read More

Walking the Dock 5/17/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: SUNBERRY POINT This week’s featured oyster comes fresh from the southern shores of Prince Edward Island Canada. The Sunberrys are grown wild in Salutation Cove, on the sheltered side of the Island. What makes these oysters special is that they are wild grown just off shore on the hard bottom amongst…Read More

Walking the Dock 05/09/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: FIRE LAKE        Born on the west end of the Federation Bridge, the longest spanning bridge in the world that connects P.E.I. to Cape Jourimain New Brunswick Canada. The grow-out beds are laden with oyster shells that have been previously shucked so that the spat (eggs) have a rigid surface to…Read More

Walking the Dock 5/2/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: BODIE ISLAND The newest member of our oyster family is grown in the pristine waters of the estuarine side of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Joey Daniels a third generation fisherman is the first and only farm on the Outer Banks. Raised in off-bottom cages, these 3” tear drop shaped gems are…Read More