Walking the Dock 3/28/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: BELONS Native of the Belon River in France the spat(seeds) were transplanted here in the 1950’s on both coasts. They have thrived in recent years, grown wild on a rocky bottom, steeped in green kelp. Our oysters are harvested by divers off Harpswell Island in Casco Bay Maine. Here, the cold tides…Read More

Walking the Dock 3/21/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: CAPE CHARLES These oysters are grown on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the Chesapeake Bay. The seeds are scattered along the bay floor and allowed to grow naturally until they reach 1 ½ inches in length. They are then transferred to bottom cages for the remainder of their grow out.…Read More

Walking the Dock 3/7/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: SAINT SIMONE T hese petite gems hail from Shippagan New Brunswick Canada. Known as the “Oyster Next Door”, they are grown in Chaleur Bay next to the famous Beausoleils. Started in floating bags and then transferred to floating racks, they are tumbled aggressively, giving them deep cups and are easily shucked.…Read More