Walking the Dock 2/29/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK:    UMAMI                The word Umami which has Asian origins, depicts one of the five basic senses of taste (sweet, sour, bitter, salty) and Umami the fifth, stimulating a feeling of smoothness, pleasant, savory and delicious. These 2 1/2 “to 3” pearls are cultured in the east passage leading into the shellfish…Read More

Walking the Dock 2/22/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: THATCH ISLAND Here is another gem from Cape Cod Massachusetts. The oysters are grown in the Great Salt marshes along Slough Point using a very unique method. The seed are started using floating tubes designed specifically to keep a fresh supply of brackish water full of nutrients flowing to them constantly.…Read More

Walking the Dock 2/15/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: CHARLES ISLAND These oysters are grown off Charles Island located several miles South East from Milford Connecticut in the Long Island Sound. This area has been producing oysters naturally since Connecticut first became a state. The juveniles are tumbled at least ten times to give them deep cups and a beautiful…Read More