Walking the Dock 1/25/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: RIPTIDE       These oysters hail from Westport Massachusetts, at the entrance to Buzzard Bay, just south of Dogfish Ledge. The farm is owned and operated by Kerian Fennelly and his wife Kristin. Kerian lobstered for many years until he started this traditional Irish oyster grow out and has perfected the signature process…Read More

Walking the Dock 1/18/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: SAINT SIMONE These petite gems hail from Shippagan New Brunswick Canada. Known as the “Oyster Next Door”, they are grown in Chaleur Bay next to the famous Beausoleils. Started in floating bags and then transferred to floating racks, they are tumbled aggressively, giving them deep cups and are easily shucked. The…Read More

Walking the Dock 1/11/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: CONWAY ROYAL The Conway’s are seeded along the western shores of the Malpaque Bay, located on the North Western shore of P.E.I. Canada. They grow naturally along the sea floor, taking in all the native nutrients, minerals and intrinsic flavors of their marine environment. After two years, they are tonged in…Read More

Walking the Dock 1/4/2016

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: JAMES RIVER   Here is an oyster that has stayed the test of time. First enjoyed by the pilgrims of the original Jamestown Settlement and possibly the first Thanksgiving. The James River is the southernmost river on the Chesapeake Bay. The unusual eddies of the river keep the larvae from dispersing downstream,…Read More