Walking the Dock 10/19/2015

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: NORTHUMBERLAND: The grow out is located in the Northumberland Straits, which is the body of ocean water that separate Prince Edward Island from New Brunswick. The beds are seeded with spat along the hard packed red clay bottom of the Strait; couple that with the fresh water runoff from the pristine…Read More

Walking the Dock 10/12/2015

OYSTER OF THE WEEK –  MAYFLOWER POINT: Born in East Dennis Massachusetts outside of Quivett Neck and Sandy Point on the inside of Cape Cod, comes another classic East Coast oyster. The spat (seed) is started in ocean bags until they reach one inch, they are then tumbled aggressively by Aaron Brochu and the Big…Read More

Walking the Dock 10/5/2015

OYSTER OF THE WEEK: BRAS D”OR This week’s oyster comes from northern Nova Scotia in the Bras D’Or saltwater lake that separates Cape Breton from the Eastern Shore. Every spring Melissa and Bill Maclean harvest the oyster spat (seeds) from the wild along the shores of the lake. The spat are reared for one year…Read More