Walking the Dock 7/27/2015

OYSTER OF THE WEEK — WELLFLEET  The Wellfleet’s are cultured in the pristine estuaries of Wellfleet Harbor, located in North East Cape Cod bay. These 3 ½ “oysters result from the nutrient rich coastal waters that originates in the Canadian Maritime. These currents feed the bay with relatively cold waters to produce a consistently exceptional…Read More

Walking the Dock 7/20/15

OYSTER OF THE WEEK — CONWAY ROYALS The Conway’s are seeded along the western shores of Malpaque Bay, located on the North Western shore of P.E.I. Canada. They grow naturally along the sea floor, taking in all the native nutrients, minerals and intrinsic flavors of their marine environment. After two years, they are tonged in…Read More

Walking the Dock 7/6/2015

OYSTER OF THE WEEK FIRE LAKE      Born on the west end of the Federation Bridge, the longest spanning bridge in the world that connects P.E.I. to Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick Canada. The grow-out beds are laden with oyster shells that have been previously shucked so that the spat (eggs) have a rigid surface to adhere…Read More