Walking the Dock 6/30/15

OYSTER OF THE WEEK– SKINNY DIPPER Raised in the mouth of the St. Jerome Creek in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, These beauties were the featured oyster at the Preakness, the second leg for the Triple Crown. The Skinny’s average is 3 ½”, with a deep cup and very plump meat. Even the name arouses curiosity suggesting…Read More

Walking the Dock 6/15/2015

OYSTER OF THE WEEK – Caribou Island These green shelled gems are harvested from the north shore of Nova Scotia along the Northumberland Strait. In the wild, Caribou’s grow to about 3.25” and have a semi-fluted hard shell. The local bay men use tongs, as they drift along the shoreline, to capture the oysters in the cool…Read More

Walking the Dock 6/8/2015

OYSTER OF THE WEEK –  Summerside  Grown in the famous Bedeque Bay on the south side (summerside) of Prince Edward Island these 3.5” oysters are bottom grown on the red marine clay and rocks amidst the swift currents of the Conway Narrows. They are harvested using old fashioned tongs and then purged. Summersides are moderately…Read More

Vol 4 | Issue 1 of Rave Reviews is Here!

GMO’s  –  Good or Bad? An unbiased look at the facts Protein Options.  To help you survive the high meat market Spotlight.  Mount Nittany Medical Center – Going beyond expectations Seafood Starters.  Seafood appetizers for summer Single Use Containers and Dinnerware.  Think beyond the expense and realize the potential American Yorkshire Pork.  Not all pork is…Read More